Tutorial for CinemaBox

CinemaBox is not a very difficult application to understand. Just like other apps it is especially made with extra efforts and keeping the needs of novices in mind. Indeed, it has a very attractive user interface and an unbeatable list of movies and tv shows to download.

There is no strenuous effort needed to work with CinemaBox HD. Maybe just a little patience! Today we are here to discuss the working of CinemaBox HD on your devices.

  1. Enticing home page

The home page itself is very resourceful and informative. It provides you with all the movie and tv show list available in the application. It has been divided into two sections, “Hot” and “New”. The “hot” section lets you explore a list of movies and tv shows that are quite popular with  users. And “New” section deals with latest products available with them.

2. Top left corner

The top left corner takes you to a list of options present in the applications like movie download, favorites, tv shows etc. You can jump on any option as an when you like.

3. Select movies or shows want to watch

Select the movies or shows you want to watch and choose resolutions for yourself. This depends on your phone’s memory.

4. Cast through ChromeCast

With the options on the the top right corner of every video you play, users are given an option to cast videos on their television screens through ChromeCast. Definitely, this is very helpful for people who love to watch movies and tv shows on their big screen.

Final Words

It is quite a simple application that can be explained in just a few lines. But to know more about it, it is strongly recommended to try out the app once yourself . It is a popular app in the world of entertainment. You can try it once! We hope we were able to explain you the app easily. For any queries, you are welcome to write your comments below. Thank you!


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